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Who Do Lawyers Hire To Represent Them?

Sometimes, they hire me. In fact, I’ve done legal work for three other lawyers in the past month.
Over the past few years, I’ve been asked to provide ethical advice to other lawyers, helping them determine what to do in certain situations. Two asked me to help get court approval for their fees . (In certain cases, lawyers need court approval before they are paid.)

Others have asked me to work for them in fee disputes with (former) clients.

I’ve represented attorneys accused of violating the Rules of Professional Conduct. (They were innocent, and the charges were dropped after I had communicated with the authorities).

Other lawyers have asked me for advice in complying with the Rules.

Unfortunately, this is not always “black and white”; sooner or later, most attorneys run into a situation they weren’t ready for, and couldn’t reasonably anticipate.

But lawyers – as a rule – are honest people. Their word is their bond – if only because if you can’t trust them, you can’t do business with them.

And lawyers tend to be pretty reasonable in their business practices.

So I enjoy working for other attorneys. It’s a very small part of my business – but I can usually help, and my work is appreciated.

I have been a lawyer over 30 years. I hesitate to call myself a “lawyer’s lawyer”, but I couldn’t be prouder of the fact that my friends choose me to work for them.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, talk with an experienced Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney about the case. Call me, William Strubbe, at 513-621-4775.

Because all situations are different, and because there may be other facts pertaining to your case that I don’t know about, you should not rely on this answer for legal advice. I am not your attorney, and no lawyer client relationship has been formed.

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