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Auto Accidents

Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney

Like all accident victims, a person injured in a car accident in Cincinnati is entitled to recover money from the person who caused the accident for:

  • medical treatment expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • lost wages
  • any other economic loss caused by the accident.

Ohio law requires all drivers to carry insurance to protect people they injure in auto accidents.  (There are some drivers who, nevertheless don’t have insurance.)  In Ohio, drivers are required to carry  relatively low levels of liability on their car insurance policy.  On two occasions, the Ohio State Bar Association has asked me to testify in favor of legislation to raise the minimum required insurance for Ohio drivers.

The good news is that most – but not all –  auto insurance policies also provide certain protection for the injured person – that is, for the person they insure.

“Uninsured/underinsured” motorist coverage provides coverage for you if you are hit by a driver with no liability coverage or lower liability limits than your “uninsured/underinsured” limits.  “Medical Payments” coverage provides limited coverage for your medical bills regardless who caused the accident.

I am dedicated to getting money for my clients who have been injured in auto accidents in Cincinnati.

Auto accidents have been the bread and butter of my business for many years – and I am very, very good at this type of litigation.

As a Cincinnati Car Accident lawyer, I have been helping people recover for injuries caused in auto accidents since I became a lawyer. I regularly give continuing education talks to lawyers on how to maximize the recovery for their injured clients as a result of a car accident, and have served as the Chair of  the Ohio State Bar Association’s Negligence Law Committee – a statewide group of lawyers who represent people in auto accident cases.

If you, or a family member has been injured in an auto accident in Cincinnati, why not speak to a Car Accident Attorney…..for free. Call me at 513-621-4775.

*** If you have a particular question or two about car accidents, take a look at my auto accident Q & A section. Many common questions are answered on that section of the website. Or, type your question in the search box to the right.