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Fees and Expenses

My fee is almost always 1/3 of the total I am able to recover from the other party or his insurance company. The fee may increase if there is an appeal – but the only appeal I can remember was over 15 years ago, and I waived my right to charge an increased fee.

I am paid when you are, when the money is collected.  Before I begin actively representing you, we both sign a letter that explains the fee in greater detail.  You will get a copy of the letter.

The “fee” does not include the costs and expenses that are necessary to prepare your case and, if necessary, to take it to trial.  The costs and expenses are extra.  I may ask that you forward the money for them at the beginning of the case, or during the case, or I may collect them at the end of the case.  These costs and expenses typically do not include legal fees, or any fees for my time; they do include long distance charges, copying fees, the cost charged by the clerk for filing suit, document production charges assessed by doctors and hospitals, court reporters’ fees, travel charges and  fees charged by experts, and any other item that is not part of my normal office expenses.

I do my best to keep expenses down.  I have not had a personal injury case where either I or the client thought the expenses were too high, or disproportionate to the amount of recovery. If I think it will be too expensive to represent you, I won’t take the case.