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Do You Need Assistance with a Legal Problem?

If you followed the link to this page, you obviously think I might be able to help you with a legal problem besides personal injury. I am very glad you asked!

First, I am licensed to practice not only in Ohio, but in Kentucky as well. I have worked on cases not only in the Greater Cincinnati area, but in Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Southern and Central Kentucky, and in Southern Ohio.

I also handle other types of lawsuits besides personal injury. Since I became an attorney, over 90% of my work has been trying and solving lawsuits. And—when helpful to the people I work for—avoiding suit altogether. For the last thirty years, I have been helping people with all kinds of legal problems. People I have helped include:

  • A woman falsely imprisoned when her husband had drained the checking account (without telling her).
  • A family whose insurance agent sold them much less insurance than they should have had.
  • A commercial artist whose customer posted her copyrighted work on a website without her permission.
  • A man whose mother left her entire estate to his sister, including real estate that would have been worthless had my client not built a business on it.
  • A home warranty company sued for failing to fix homes that a contractor had built improperly (the contractor paid to fix the home).
  • A widow who owned real estate together with 17 of her late husband’s cousins. (The court ordered the real estate sold and the money distributed to the owners; most of my client’s attorney fees were paid by the other owners. This type of lawsuit is called a partition.)
  • A woman who bought a house with her partner. We had to sue the partner and take the case to trial. When it became clear the trial would not end well for the partner, we negotiated a settlement that, again, took into account my client’s attorney fees (this was another partition lawsuit).
  • A widow whose late husband’s insurer would not pay his disability benefits because it said he had a pre-existing condition (the company paid my client after I sued them).
  • A woman whose son’s insurance policy would not pay her death benefits after he was murdered. (The insurance company said it had stopped insuring him when he turned 25. We settled it without filing suit.)
  • A hairdresser whose insurance company would not pay after her home burned because she had failed to pay the last premium before the fire. (The insurance company wound up making the payment.)
  • An advertising agency which was sued by a TV station after the agency’s customer could not pay its bill. I won a jury trial for the agency.

I have represented a number of businesses: an advertising agency, a power company, a bank, a Fortune 100 company, real estate developers and a national janitorial services franchisor.

I have represented people and businesses in cases involving insurance coverage, declaratory judgment actions, injunctive relief, real estate litigation, partition, product liability, partnership disputes, contract disputes, tortious interference with business and inheritance expectancies, undue influence, probate disputes, copyright infringement and real estate partition. I regularly give lectures on civil procedure, declaratory judgment actions, personal injury law, proving damages, insurance coverage, professionalism and legal ethics.

I have had cases in all Federal Courts and State Courts of general jurisdiction in the Counties of Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky which border Hamilton County (Cincinnati) in Ohio. I have also been trained as a mediator, and regularly volunteer to perform mediations for the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court in Cincinnati.

If you think I might be able to help you, please call me at 513-621-4775 or send an email to I would like to hear from you!