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Cincinnati Injury & Accident Lawyer

When you’re injured, whether it’s in a car accident or other instance where you were injured through no-fault of your own, your world turns upside down.  You’re constantly worried about bills, physical injuries, what lies ahead and your stress levels are highly elevated. It’s scary and frustrating. You want to know:

  • Can I afford my treatments and medical payments? Will insurance cover everything?
  • I can’t work – how will I pay my mortgage?  How will I pay my bills?
  • Will I have to go to court? What will happen there?
  • What will a lawyer cost? I don’t have the money to pay for one!
  • The insurance company knows what they’re doing.  I don’t.  How can I get a fair shake?

If you’re hurt, you really should talk with a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati who knows what he’s doing, who can get a fair settlement and who can answer your questions.  You deserve to know what your rights are, what’s next, and – most importantly — when this will all be over. Hiring the best injury lawyer you can in Cincinnati is how you get back on your feet and confidently plan for the future.

Providing Answers and Peace of Mind

My name is William B. Strubbe.  As a personal injury attorney in Cincinnati, I have been representing people injured in accidents for over 30 years: union members, students, businesswomen, retired persons, truck drivers, construction workers, businessmen, farmers, waitresses, factory workers and housewives.  I handle all types of personal injury & accident cases in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio, including:

When I work for you, I have two jobs.  One, solve your problems. And two, get you the compensation you deserve.   And as a long time Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer, my standard is to do this in a courteous, friendly and professional way – while relying on 30 plus years of experience in getting what my clients want… and need.

Next Steps

There are two ways you can contact me and let me start helping you:

Fill out one of the questionnaire forms on this site and submit it. I will then call or email you promptly.

Call me directly at 513-621-4775.

There is no charge for calling me or visiting my office to discuss your situation, and no charge for submitting or discussing your questions. And while you are here, why not check out my free injury & accident legal guides. Many of your questions might be answered right here

Thank you for coming here. I would like to help you…. and I look forward to speaking soon.