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Dog and Animal Attacks In The Cincinnati Area

An Experienced Attorney Can Help

Have You Been Attacked By a Dog or Other Pet?

It’s not just about the physical pain.  It’s emotional.

You’ve got stitches. Blood.  Open wounds.

Maybe you’ve always liked dogs – trusted them since you were a kid.

Then you’re hurt by something wild – something out of control. An animal nothing like the friendly little dog “Spot” out of the “Dick and Jane” books.

With teeth that won’t stop.  Claws.

And you’re looking at hospitals. Plastic surgeons.  Scars the doctor says he cannot get rid of, but he can “remediate”, whatever that is. Painfully.

And other injuries – maybe you fell, and hurt your head. You have dizzy spells.  Or you separated your shoulder when you fell.

Or the dog bite severed your nerve and the doctor cannot tell you when you’ll be better – or if you’ll be on a nerve medication forever. And your leg swells up because of the injury, unpredictably, and you don’t know when it will go away.

These things have all happened to people I’ve worked for.

In Ohio, the owner, the harborer, and the keeper of the dog are all responsible for injuries caused by their dog.  You may have to prove that you  weren’t teasing or tormenting the dog – but you don’t have to prove that the bite was the owner’s fault.

You need someone you can talk to about this. Who can tell you – after looking at everything – what your lawsuit is worth. Who knows how to talk to the insurance company about a dog attack.

You can get back your lost wages.  Medical bills.  And compensation for the disfigurement, pain and suffering you’ve suffered – and will suffer – because of the dog attack.

This is a lot to think about.  You’re not going to learn everything you need from a website, or a piece of paper. So give me a call, at 513-621-4775.  I can answer your questions.

There is no charge for talking to me, and it’s confidential.  And if you decide to deal with the insurance company yourself, or you don’t hire me, that’s OK

But you owe it to yourself – and your family – to get the best advice you can.